How to Track Scroll Depth in GA4

How to Track Scroll Depth in GA4 [ Google Analytics 4]

December 10, 2022

You can automatically track when people scroll pages on your website using the Enhanced Measurement feature in Google Analytics. Scroll tracking is enabled by default when you create a GA4 property, but to double check if it’s enabled or not, navigate to ‘Admin’, select ‘Data Streams’, and open the data stream that’s added to your website. You should see the web stream details, which looks like this:

GA4 Scroll Tracking

GA4 Scroll Tracking

You can utilize the Enhanced Measurement feature in Google Analytics to automatically track visitor page scroll activity on your website. Scroll tracking is enabled in GA4 properties by default, although you can confirm this by navigating to ‘Admin’, selecting ‘Data Streams’, and opening the relevant stream.

Under ‘Events’, you can access ‘Enhanced Measurement’ and configure the events that will be sent to Google Analytics. By clicking the configuration icon on the right, you can access the Enhanced Measurement settings.

SEO Sadhu - Google Analytics Scroll Tracking

SEO Sadhu – Google Analytics Scroll Tracking

In the example below, we can observe that ‘Scrolls’ is enabled (marked by the blue tick on the right). This indicates that we will capture people’s scrolling behavior in this GA4 property automatically.

What Does Ga4 Scroll Tracking Measure?

When the Enhanced Measurement feature is activated, Google Analytics will track scrolling activity, automatically reporting when visitors scroll through 90% of a page on your website. Correspondingly, an event labeled ‘scroll’ will be visible in your reports.

Here we can see the scroll event in the GA4 Debug View:

Scroll Depth Tracking GA4

Scroll Depth Tracking GA4

How Do You Report on Scroll Depth in GA4?

GA4’s ‘Percent Scrolled’ dimension and ‘Unique User Scrolls’ metric allow you to measure the number of times users have scrolled 90% of your website’s pages.

By default, the ‘Unique User Scrolls’ dimension is not included in the pre-configured reports in GA4. However, it is possible to customize these standard reports to incorporate this dimension. An example of what you would observe in a customized standard report that includes the ‘Unique User Scrolls’ dimension is provided below.

You can generate an ‘Exploration’ report that includes the dimension and, although the metric is not currently available, it is likely to be added in the future. An example of what you would see in an Exploration report, if a single user viewed a page on your website, is provided below.

Scroll Tracking With Google Tag Manager

If you would like to configure scroll tracking manually, Google Tag Manager is the best option. This approach allows you to send events to GA4 for various scroll percentages.

As previously discussed, the default scroll tracking feature of Google Analytics 4 will only track when people scroll 90% of a page. However, if you wish to track scrolling activity at custom percentages such as 50% or 75%, Google Tag Manager can be used to configure an event tag to capture the desired data. We will discuss this in our next blog.

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