Free Online Notepad With Autosave

What is Free Online Notepad With Autosave?

This web-based Free Online Notepad With Autosave provides a convenient, hassle-free way to edit your documents, automatically saving them as you type. No manual saving is necessary, thus guaranteeing that your work is preserved, even if your computer unexpectedly shuts down or the tab is closed.

This notepad ensures that your work is automatically saved as you type, eliminating any concerns regarding saving changes and potential data loss. This can be particularly beneficial when working on a lengthy or intricate project, as it eliminates the risk of any progress being lost in the event of a power failure, computer malfunction, or any other unforeseen circumstance.

How does it work?

Changes are saved automatically as you work thanks to HTML5 local Storage API. The content from your text editor and storing it online. In this way, your data remains on your device exclusively. The default saving frequency for drafts is in milliseconds. Your notes will be stored in the browser until you delete the cookies and other website data. You can test this by entering some text in the editor and refreshing the page.

Features of Free Online Notepad With Autosave

1. Free to use: This Free Online Notepad With Autosave is available to all users at for free. There are no fees associated with creating and storing notes online.

2. Copy and Paste: The copy functionality of our web-based Free Online notepad allows users to quickly copy a specific selection of text within the editor and paste it to any other location within the tool with a single click.

3. Undo and Redo: The undo function cancels any written input within the plain text editor, whereas the redo facility restores any erased text.

4. Select All Option: This feature provides you with the ability to select all text within this free online notepad editor and enables you to copy and paste it within the same notepad.

5. Simple Interface: It is a Free plain Online Notepad with a simple yet elegant user interface designed to keep the user’s attention on their writing. Nothing over the top, just the basics.

Benefit of Free Online Notepad With Autosave?

1. Automatic saving: The auto-save functionality in this Free Online Notepad guarantees that your work will always be securely stored and backed up, thus eliminating any fear of loss due to a power failure or system crash.

2. Convenience: This free Online notepads provide a great degree of convenience due to the fact that they do not require any installation or manual saving of work. The simplicity of their use is such that they can be accessed and utilized at any time with ease.

3. Create Notes at Anytime, Anywhere: This web-based text editor enables users to craft notes instantly, with its AutoSave functionality.

4. No Installation: It facilitates the editing of notes and other documents without the need to install any software or programs.

FAQs About Free Online Notepad With Autosave

Is there an free online notepad with autosave facilities?

Yes we have a free online notepads with autosave facilities, You can access it from here : Free online notepad with autosave

Which is the best online notepad?

There are a lot of options when it comes to online notepads. For best performance and features, you should use Our free online notepad.


How do I use this notepad in Chrome?

You can just click on the link to open the tool. Once it is open you can start using it. It will save your content automatically.


Are online notepad free to use?

Yes, you can use our notepad service free of charge.

Is it safe to use online Notepad?

The Notepad app uses end-to-end encryption so no one can read your files. The text entered in the notepad will be save in your browser so that no one else can access it.